Eloquent Silence (Candlelight Ecstasy, #49) - Sandra Brown It was a nice book, but not as nice as Sandra Brown other books.It just wasn't so emotional, spontaneous, exciting, touching like in the other books.This is the book i like the less, but i still like it.Drake is an actor and a single father with a 3 years old deaf girl. He hires a private teacher to teach his little girl the sign language and how to write and read. He lost his wife and don't want to love again - but his daughter teacher is nothing he had imagined. And they fall in love, but before that there is a lot happening.The good thing here is Jennifer - the 3 year old deaf girl. This character will really touch you. When you read about her or how much her father loves her. How much Lauri loves her. It was a really nice story of how people can change in something better.