Once and Always - Judith McNaught I don't know what to say, Judith McNaught is an amazing author.Victoria and Jason are so different but they are exactly what they need for each other. It was so beautiful to read how they fall for each other slow, how they change to become something better. Victoria is such a frees spirit that it is pleasure to read for her, how she can make everyone smile and feel better, how she makes the children from the village happy, and how nice is she with everyone. And of course her love for Jason. It was so good to read that he finally find someone who can make him happy after everything he went trough in his life. He opened his heart for her and he loves her like he never loved anything else in his life. And he is so hot and beautiful and everything a bad and a good guy in the same time. There is no way one to don't fall for him.I felt a little bad for Andrew, I hope he meets someone who is right for him.The end was perfect, but i felt like I wanted to read more about these two, because is just wasn't enough.This was one amazing and beautiful written book.