Jessica Rules the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey The book was very nice but there was not nearly enough of Jess and Lucius. They were busy with their things and the time they spent together wasn't enough and I expected to read mostly about them how happy are they and so on. I just didn't know the book was about them they were there but there was so little about them talking or kissing or doing things together. I really like Lucius sense of humor and there was almost none of it here.I hope the author decides to write another book in which we can read about Lucius and Jess especially now when she is learning how to be a queen, but when she knows how to act as one as we see in this book.It was mostly about this, how when Lucius is not around to help her she must find her way to learn how to act what she wants to be and I think she did a very good job. And Lucius was very proud. I really like the part when he came to his trial and he was standing there so weak, but when he saw Jess, and saw her as the queen he was hoping she is going to become one day, he smiled. He knew that he may die, but he still smiles, because he was so proud of what she had become.I really want another book with the happily ever after and a lot of babies lol and lots and lots of Jess and Lucius.