For Now Forever (Language of Love No. 19) - Nora Roberts I disliked this book since the beginning because it began with what happened 50 years later and when i read a book I like to read what is happening at the moment and if there is something written for years since now it shouldn't be more than five. So in the begging and in the end of this book I read about 80 years old people and their children and their grandchildren, how am I suppose to like it? It it is nice to see that even after so many years they still love each other but still??? And even if there wasn't that the dialogue between the two main characters just wasn't so great, it feels like i don't really know neither Daniel or Anna.I don't know maybe I'm so disappointed, because i always expect a lot from Nora Roberts and if the book is not what i though it would be I'm to harsh about it. But i really expected more a lot more.