Twisted (Torn, #2) - K.A. Robinson I liked the storyline but the characters annoyed me a bit. Chloe had a bad childhood - her mother was an addict and was abusing her. Now she's come to college with her two best friends to start a new part of her life. In her first day of class she meets Drake. He is the typical bad boy - tattoos, piercings,he is the lead singer in a band and of course a total playboy. He doesn't believe in love or relationships until he meets Cloe, but of course it takes time for him to realize that. When he does a lot of people get hurt but Cloe and Drake get together and than something happened and the first book ended. Than Cloe's mother comes back and all hell gets loose and a lot of things happen between Chloe and Drake - stalkers, psycho mothers, the band tour, cocaine and etc. There is a happily ever after of course and the end was pretty good, despite everything I didn't like in the books, it made me smile. And I'm, a sucker for ends like this one. It was just that Chloe was in full denial at the beginning not seeing and not wanting to see everything that was in front of her. And the things she did to Logan when it was apparent she didn't feel anything but friendship towards him. And Amber reactions didn't seem really real - she just yelling at Chloe and than leaving her alone and not being there in times she needed her, which is not something unusual for best friends , but the way it was written didn't make it sound so realistic. I don't know it was a lot of things that just didn't add up and looked unrealistic and unbelievable. But there are the first of the author so it will be work in progress. It wasn't a bad series and I kind of liked them especially the end.