Transcendence - Shay Savage description

I absolutely loved this book. I was very excited to start it, because in many books the characters act like caveman and feel like them, but to actually read about a real one was amazing!!!!!

Ehd - he is the sweetest, most caring male character/caveman. To read about the primal urges to love, protect and care was something that I won't forget.

Ehd lost his whole tribe in a forest fire and was alone for a long time and almost lost his will to live, but that changes when a very strange woman fell in his trap. One look at her and Ehd knew he had found his mate.

The way he cared for Beh, fed, clothes and loved her makes you wish to go back in time and found a caveman for yourself. I smiled trough the whole book. Okey I admit that I may have cried in the end, because it was so beautiful, but sad in the same time, but it was just impossible not to.

“Ehd luffs Beh.” <3<3<3<3<3<br/>

This book warmed my whole life and left me smiling like a lot lot :D :D