City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare I exepted more. The half of the book was mostly about Simon. There was too little Jace and Clary. I expected to see how happy are they together, and instead there was more pain, just like in the second book when they thought they were brother and sister. In the end there is still no answer are they going to be together, is the love really enough. And of course i can`t wait to see what will happen with them when Sebastian is back and compels Jace, because of Lilith blood inside him. There are still so much questions to be answered to. I don`t know how I am going to wait until the next book is published.The thing that i didn`t like is when Magnus and Camile mentioned Will and said how he is in the past, that he is dead. I just don`t like it, after i finished Clockwork Angel, i started to really like Will and Jem. And now when I`m reading about them not being alive, it just didin`t feel right.But accept that i really loved City of Fallen Angels!!!!