Die for Me - Amy Plum The book was beautiful written with a perfect end.Kate and her sister move to Paris to live with their grandparents after they lose their mother and father in a car accident. For Kate is very hard to continue to live without them, she constantly feels the pain of their lost. The way her sister is handling the pain is to be out every day dancing or just hanging with friends surrounded by people so she couldn't think. Kate prefers to be alone, she likes to read and runs in the world of books. Her sister is worried about her and they make a deal, she won't ask Kate to get out with her if she read out in some cafe, instead at home. So she finds the perfect cafe and meets Vincent, she can't stop thinking about him or stay away from him, even when she tries very hard. Soon she understands that they are numa and revenants. Immortal enemies. The revenants save people. the numa try to take their lifes. Kate discovers about things, she never thought are even possible.Kate fall in love with Vincent and unlocks his heart.Before her Vincent was distant, he felt all this for only one girl, who was murdered many years ago. And when Kate appears she is the light in the tunnel. The first time he sees her, he isn't able to stop thinking about her.This is one really good book.