Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson I don't know how stars to give this book, but let it be 4.myI expected to like this book more, but it was a little bit boring for me.Amy's father died in a car accident and her mother decided she wants a fresh start in Connecticut.Her twin is in rehab. So she has to live for a month by herself in California, so she can finish her senior year. But Amy's mother needs her car and the cheapest way is to be driven to Connecticut.Because Amy doesn't want to drive at the moment she has to go to the road trip with Roger, the son of Amy's mother's old friend. Both of them didn't expect it be fun, but it is.Because of the trip Amy started to accept her father's death. She starts to talk about it, she even start driving again and Roger succeeds to make Amy realize she doesn't have any fault for the car accident. All this is very nice written, I just thought is was a little bit sore. Roger wanted to find his ex girlfriend and to understand why she dumped him. Amy is trying to get over her Dad's death .Only in the last couple of paged they realized they like each other, I would prefer it was sooner, but this way the story wouldn't be the same.Despite this it was one good book.