Intrinsical - Lani Woodland Hmmm I liked this one.And the end i just love ends like this.And Yara and Brent, i liked their relationship and the way it was developing, and how they discovered they powers, how they supported each other, how they would do anything to save one another, loved their connection and everything else, i just can write about them all day long and i have only good things to say.I just loved this book. I really enjoy reading it, i started it today at noon and now it is 3.00 am, I couldn't put it away, before I finished it. I liked the story line and the personages and the writing style. It is one pretty good debut book. Can't wait to read the next one.Everything starts when Yara, starts school at Pendrell with her best friend Cherie. Yara saves Bren's life when a dark mist attacks him. Since she saves him she finds out, that the powers she hoped she doesn't have are actually there. She must learn to accept who she is in order do stop the curse and to save hers and Brent's life.I'm recommending this book, it is worth to be read. And I'm very happy it's not like the typical young adult books, it is fresh, different and really good. Read it and you won't sorry.