I Heart You, You Haunt Me - Lisa Schroeder I just can't have words to describe this book. I've never thought verses can have such a power in expressing all this feelings with so little words.The love in this book is one great love, the love in which the happiness of you beloved means everything it is more powerful than life or death.Jackson and Ava loved each other so strongly, they were like two soul mates, happy when trey are together until one day all of this just ends. But Jackson returns, his love for Ava is so strong, he wants her to be happy again to feel joy to live her life, to stop feeling guilt, to accept that she has no fault, even of she is the one who dared him to jump from the cliff And only when he is sure she is ready to try to start living again he let her go.There wasn't a book until now, which to touch me this deeply. I didn't cry when i watched Titanic or The Notebook, when i read Forbidden I felt depressed when i thought about it, but i only make me to want to cry,not actually crying, even Stolen: A letter to my capture didn't touch me as deeply as this book. I don't cry for books or movie, but when i was reading this book since the first pages I couldn't stop crying until the end and even after it. And my eyes are still read while I'm writing this review. The end of this book, I can't say is it a good end or is it a bad end, but it is touching and emotional. I just think why he died, why??? And I can't stop myself from crying as i write right now and as i think about this book. And I can't stop thinking how beautiful is written how touching and wonderful. I've never thought of love like this. I'm rereading the end over and over, this verses are so beautiful That’s my girl. Live a good life, Ava. He loved her so much that he came back to her he loved her so much that he took her guilt, he let her go. The love so true, so good, so pure, so real, so strong. And i know that i probably started to read the same things, sorry about that.I'll just say this is the most touching book I've ever read, i haven't wanted to cry so much over a book, never before .Just read it and you won't sorry, it's from these great book everyone should read.!!!And it is one of my all time favorites.