Effortless (Thoughtless, #2) - S.C. Stephens Well i didn't expect much from this book but i was really good surprised. The first book disappointed me a little bit, but i really like the second one. It wasn't very good in places, but the good parts were amazing and kept me laughing. And the part in the restaurant I am sure you know which part i measn, it was maybe one of my favorite parts of the book, i couldn't stop laughing.In places Kieras blushing really annoyed me, but in others was adorable.And Kellan and Kiera how can someone not love them.But in a lot of places a felt bad about Denny, because he is such a good guy and he didn't deserve this, I know he get his happy ending, but still when i read about him and Kiera i can't help myself to feel bad.About the end of the book - why wasn't it a little bit longer, to show more of their lives, to see what will happen next. The book was long, but the end really needed a little more.Usually the second books of a love story really suck - but this one was so much better than the first one. And i am very glad that i read it. I'm really glad that i decided to give this book a chance, because it was very good. So of you don't like the first one, just like i didn't, read the second and you won't be sorry.