The Best Girl - Emma Harrison Hmm I'm not sure what to write about this one.It was a beautiful story with a lot of wonderful personages.I just loved Jonah and Farrah relationship(brother and sister). I'm an only child so when i read about them how close are they it is just beautiful. How they are each other best friends how they know one another so well. It just keep me wanting to have someone like that, with who I can talk and to be always by my side.And Marni - Jonahs fiance she is so sweet and good. There is no way someone to not like her. And they love is so good explained and I really hope it really exist the true love. To be with someone for so long and still to feel like the first day you meet him. It is just so beautiful written. And in Christmas when everyone opened their gifts Marni just stood there and watch everyone opens his gift and smiled just watching them and Jonah watching her it was wonderful.It was a great story.And of course Farrah and Connor they are so sweet together but there wasn't enough of them in the book. But it was very nice written how they meet in all these places and how they fell for each other day after day. The only thing I didn't like was how Connor needed so much time to come and talk to Farrah and that he wasn't with her in New Year how he promised and left her alone. And how sad she was through the whole wedding and in the evening too. It just wasn't fear in one moment she is so happy and in the other she is alone and so sad and because of that she couldn't enjoy her brother's wedding.It is a great story with wonderful story line and personges.