Evernight - Claudia Gray I didn't like the book in the begging, but as i continued to read i started to enjoy it more and more, although there were a few strange things. Like when she started in this school she wanted to get sway, because she felt like she didn't belong and she continue to tell it over and over in the first chapters and then out of nowhere Bianca is a vampire and there is no way you could predict that, because she didn't act like one at all, maybe she isn't completely turned into one but still. Her parents had told her what is she since she was borne and the drinking blood thing and the whole time she acted like a silly little girl who don't belong in this school and all it was just a big surprise for me. Because she really seemed like a silly 16 year old girl, who hasn't even been kissed or been in a date or anything and in the next moment boom..... And Lucas - a vampire hunter I didn't see that coming.So I even didn't know that this book was about vampires and there is no way to know before reading a few chapters.I want to read the next book to see how the characters are going to mature and become something more and of course to see what is going to happen with Lucas and Bianca.And Balthazar I really enjoy reading about him too, he is one of my favorite not main characters along with Vic.