Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik I don't know how stars to give it 3 or 4. Maybe 3.5I don't know what exactly to write about this book.I enjoyed reading it, it was nice and funny but not something different or new.The characters of Derek and Elise were pretty good. I really like this sort of things boy and a girl meet they don't like each other much and soon after that they fall in love :D :D .It is a good read for a rainy day or just if you want to relax.I must say that I started it in the late afternoon and I just finished (it's early evening right now) it. I read it for a few hours, so it is a quick read but the author could have wrote a little bit longer ending, it's not that it wasn't a nice ending but if there was something more it would be better.But read it and see for yourself.