Her Pregnancy Surprise (Harlequin Romance) - Susan Meier Grace worked for Danny for two weeks but in a working weekend they get to know each other and they spent the night in his room. She falls in love with her boss for 48 hours. This was one really fast-going book. When she is just a few days late she is sure she is pregnant even after they had used protection. He didn't believe her, because she though she just made it up after he broke the things between them. She quit her job and after her daughter was born and was 6 months old she decided that because of her she must try to speak with Danny again. And she went to his house. He is still hurt from his divorce, he didn't want any more relationships and the pain from the death of his son - Cory two years before. And out of nowhere he wants full custody. So she makes a proposition for him to come live with them for 2 weeks and she will agree for shared custody. He moves in and from the first second he starts insulting her home. But at least he start to understand that he was wrong foe everything . And the constant attraction to Grace of course. But he still thinks that he is the responsible for his son's death and he don't feel worthy to be with Grace. But thanks to her love and forgiveness he forgive himself he realizes that he loves Grace a lot that they can make it work and that he wants a lot of children just because he loves her. All mistakes are forgiven and they live happily ever after.The book was a very fast read with a lot of issues but i liked it. And I especially likes the end.