Love's Rhythm - Lexxie Couper The story was nice, but it just didn't kept my interest, maybe it it because I've already read book with this kind of storyline, but I don't know. I liked it, but i didn't love it. I just wanted to finish it quickly in order to be done with it. But the book wasn't bad.Nick walked out from the girl he loved for groupies and concerts. But some things get wrong in his life and he wants to see her again. All of the old fires start again and he finds out that he has a son. And things get complicated from this point. But if I was in Lauren's place I wouldn't have told him that he has a son either. He choose sex over family and it took him 15 years to realize that he wasn't right. The only one who doesn't deserve all of this is Josh. And I can't say that I liked the end. I don't think it is so easy to forgive, but I've never felt so attracted to someone. And I can't imagine to love someone for 20 years the way you loved them the first day. I'm not even sure if a love like this even exists.