Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley At first I though that this book is exactly like Mystery Man. And in both books I hated the idea of having such a power over someone. The way Lee could shut up Indy with t a kiss, and she couldn't remember even her own way. It made my angry ans when he cuffed her to the bed I was furious, And I know that maybe it was for her own good, but it just didn't mater. I think he did it just to show her that he can. I continue to read but I was clenching my jaw very hard because I was still annoyed. Indy loved Lee since she was 5 and never stopped, she was after him for 15 years until he put a stop to it. And than if he felt the same way why didn't he just say something. He was waiting for her to make a move for 10 years and this is just stupid. I'm in Indy side about this - she was right to avoid him for all this time - if he felt the same way he is the one who should do something about it. Than I was thinking about Indy, the way she always gets herself in trouble, the way she acts like a little child, the things she do, but I just got used with her. And I was finally trough half the book and started to enjoy myself. And I ended up liking the book, although I would prefer if the end was a little bit different.