Crash - Nicole  Williams Wow, this book was amazing!!! I loved it. I love books about the good girl and the bad boy. The only thing I disliked was Sawyer. I didn't like him since the begging and I can't get my head around how could Lucy date him for 6 months when she saw Jude every day. Even though she though he lied to her, how can you see the person you love every day and date anyone else a week after you break up with your boyfriend. Jude was trying to protect Lucy and that's why he didn't explain himself, but I can't help myself but be a little angry at Lucy for not talking to him first, but believing Sawyer in stead.So this was the thing I disliked, there are a few other things but I won't mention them, because they are not that important. The most important thing is that i really enjoyed reading this book.