Pregnant With The First Heir (The Wealthy Ransomes) - Sara Orwig At first Olivia don't want anything to do with Matt or his family. In the next moment she wants to make a deal with him - a marriage. It's hard to believe - she fought really hard to don't have anything to do with him but she wants marriage, trust fond, money, education. It didn't seem like she is thinking only for the baby. And he shows her 1 day of luxury and in less than a minute she is thinking of accepting what he has to offer but in the same time she wants her independence. And what is that about getting married and give the baby a name. The baby is going to have the family name no matter what. It's 21st century. It's not what it was before - to live with someone only if you are married and so on. There are a lot of things that are explained and written badly here. The reactions of the characters look so so fake. And the family - 4 children and not even one of them wants to have children.I hope I can finish this book. There is still nothing I like about it except the storyline.