Sophie's Dragon - Jory Strong Hmm where do I start - I tried to find some pictures of Severn and Sophie, but with their long red hair and tattoos there wasn't anything suitable. So this was my first book with a dragon shifter. The dragons here are very possessive, they adore treasures and like to have lots of them in the lairs, and they can even pleasure a woman in their dragon form ;d Severn is a dragon prince, used to getting what he wants all the time. He wants a human mate, because he think they are very submissive, but he really didn't know what he wanted before he met Sophie, she challenged him, but also made him happy and relaxed. So when they meet there is the immediate attraction of course and they realize they are mates. There are of course those who want to hurt her, the mother who hates her, a dangerous hunt for the Dragon's Cup and etc ;d It was one quick and enjoyable read.