Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken I'm still trying to get my emotions in check from the emotional ride coaster this book was. I loved loved loved this book. Before he met her Wes knew what his fate was going to be, but then everything changed one day in registration, when a girl bumped into him and counted his abs. When they first met she was an innocent lamb trying to just live. And he was the big bad wolf. The one that can make her whole again, but also break her heart into pieces. They both had their pasts, things they want to hide, truths that need to be hidden. He wants to be her friend but she steals his heart, she gives him a new reason to live, she becomes his drug, his savior, his soul mate, his reason to continue breathing, the other half of his soul. After their first kiss, their fates were sealed. “And so begins the friendship,” I whispered. Maybe I could help her crawl out of that damn cocoon. Maybe it would be enough to leave a smile on my face when I left for good. He wanted to save her, to help her see the world with new eyes. And he did, but in the process he fell in love. Reading this book, I knew something bad was waiting just around the next page, but I couldn't stop reading. The story captured me body and soul. I smiled, cried, laughed and then some. Wes and Kiersten are two amazing characters, they needed each other to both face their own demons and slay them. I didn’t have time to prepare myself for her hug. She knocked me onto the concrete so fast all I could do was open my arms to her and hang on tight. It was the first real hug I’d received since my brother had died. I didn’t tell her that, but in that moment, hugging her, comforting her… Death didn’t look as bad anymore. The future didn’t look as bleak. Because when she pulled back… when her eyes met mine, I saw hope. “Wes.” Her lips found my bare shoulder. She may as well have just stabbed me, I felt that kiss, those lips, her wet tongue all the way up and down my body like a shot of heroin to my system. I’d never done drugs, but I could imagine that this was what it felt like. I love you.”“I love you too… being with you has been the greatest gift anyone could ever give me, and to think it was all because you assaulted me on your first day of class.”“I did not—”“Shh, Lamb.” Wes’s lips touched mine. His tongue tasted like champagne. I kissed him back with everything I had inside of me. The kiss wasn’t the end. It was the beginning, the beginning of our life together. So yes, this book was amazing and I totally recommend it to everyone.