Something like Normal - Trish Doller Another book about real life, maybe I must make a shelf about it. I was crying by the time I finished reading it. Travis returns home from Afghanistan, he lost his best friend and he is trying to deal with it, he has nightmares every night and his home life is totally messed up. His father is disappointed with him for not doing what he wanted him to - play football, go to college, to be what he is not. His brother had his girlfriend, his car, his friends and it seems that his mother is the only one who cares. Than he meets Harper, the girl whose life he ruined when he was 14 with some stupid rumors. But when he is with her he feel better, she is the only real thing in his life and she forgives him twice. The book shows how Travis deals with everything, his PTSD, the lose of his best friend, the guilt, the nightmares. It shows how hard is for the living that the death is the easiest thing. I mean someone dies and he don't feel any more pain, but for those who loved him it's so much harder. The end - the letter Travis wrote to Charlie was the perfect end, Travis is finally trying to move on but he will never forget his best friend. And there is a girl who is going to wait him to come home - a girl who is always going to love him, because this is the way she is. I loved this book and I definitely recommend it.