It Had to Be You - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I waited a long time before i started reading this book and now when I am thinking about it I just don't know why. The book is very good although there were some things which could have been written better. However I enjoyed reading about Phoebe and Dan a lot, some scenes really made me laugh. And in the end i think everyone got what they wanted from life. The end shows what had happened 3 years later and i can't say that I didn't like it, but I was thinking for a little different end like Phoebe to remain the owner of the Chicago Stars and Dan their coach, but when i think about it it really wouldn't be a good idea for Dan if his own wife was his employer. And the final decision he made is maybe really for the best, because this way he is going to have more time for his family. Because coaching the Chicago Stars is a work 24/7 and he can't be around his wife and children enough and i think he had made enough money so he won't worry about the financial care of his family.I liked the storyline and how Molly and Phoebe got close to each other, how Phoebe and Dan fell in love with each other and everything.It was a really nice book, which I enjoyed reading. But there is one thing I am wondering about and it is the cover of the book, it gives different ideas of what the book is about, the only think in common is maybe the reputation Phoebe had, but it is just a reputation that isn't even true and it's not the main theme of the book, the cover is maybe one of the reason why i hadn't started the book sooner. The other editions of the book look more suitable although the one of the poodle is still not one of the main things in the book, but i have no idea why i already wrote so many about a cover.