Shōgun - James Clavell I'll sum up my review here in the combined edition. It's more than 1200 pages long and it's not long enough. This book can be described with only one word - amazing. The first page sucks you in and keep you in the edge till the end. You never know what will happen next and what awaits in the next corner. Shogun showed me a new side of the world, it changed my views on many things, and made me understand just as many things. I had one more page till the end and I had no idea what will happen, the end was something I didn't expect but in the same time perfect. And i wanted to read more and more and more. The writing style is amazing. You can feel the waves, smell the salty waters, feel the emotions. I felt myself smiling in places where in other books I would be crying. This will be a book I will be rereading many many times and I know I will love it more with every rereading and I will be learning something new. And the story will stay with me forever. And I will be going to bed tonight with a smile on my face, thinking about this amazing masterpiece. I recommend this book to everyone.