The Golden Barbarian (Sedikhan Series)

The Golden Barbarian - Iris Johansen This was an amazing story, since i heart that there is desert and sheik and a kingdom so far away I just fall in love with the storyline. But the end disappointed me a lot, because it was a nice end and the things are supposed to be this way, but with Sasha leaving I felt and still feel sad and until the last 3 pages a was smiling and couldn't stop reading, so the end of the book just broke the whole magic of the book and the whole book I don't know how Iris Johansen always do that, she writes amazing books, but writes awful ends which make me sad, Sasha is only 5 days away, but it feels like they are not going to see him never again and it seems like their adventures are going to end, although they just know begin. And now I'm not going to remember this book with the best of it and there was only that but I'm going to remember it with this end, which isn't sad or anything but it fells this way and I really hate this feeling in the end of a great book. Sasha deserves to have his own adventure, he is such a free spirit and i always smiled when i read when he tells Tess my devil or а minx it was just so sweet and now i don't know why i feel like this.This was one amazing book and only the last 2 pages are the reason for the 3 stars. The storyline the personages the county the desert everything was amazing and beautifully written.